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Curcuma zedoaria
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Curcuma (Cr-cu-ma) is a genus of about 80 accepted species in the plant family Zingiberaceae that contains such species as turmeric and Siam Tulip. The name comes from Arabic kurkum () meaning "turmeric". Since assembly of the genus Curcuma by Linnaeus in 1753 about 130 species have been described so far. Some of the species descriptions are without Latin diagnosis or type specimen, therefore the legitimate status of many species is suspicious and remains unclear. An overview about the taxonomical classification along with citation of the most relevant literature of Curcuma species can be found at Wikispecies .
Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma albicoma S.Q. Tong (1986).
Curcuma albiflora Thwaites (1861).
Curcuma alismatifolia Gagnep. (1903) : Siam Tulip
Curcuma amada Roxb. (1810) : Mango-Ginger
Curcuma amarissima Roscoe (1826).
Curcuma angustifolia Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma aromatica Salisb. (1808): wild turmeric
Curcuma attenuata Wall. ex Baker (1890).
Curcuma aurantiaca van Zijp (1915).
Curcuma australasica Hook.f. (1867).
Curcuma bakeriana Hemsl. (1892) nomen illegit.
Curcuma bicolor Mood & K.Larsen (2001).
Curcuma bhatii (R.M. Smith) Skornickova & M. Sabu (2005).
Curcuma burttii K. Larsen & R.M. Smith (1978).
Curcuma caesia Roxb. (1810): Black Turmeric
Curcuma ceratotheca K. Schum. (1899).
Curcuma chuanezhu Z.Y. Zhu (1990), nomen illegit.
Curcuma chuanhuangjiang Z.Y. Zhu (1990), nomen illegit.
Curcuma chuanyujin C.K. Hsieh & H. Zhang (1990).
Curcuma cochinchinensis Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma codonantha Skornickova (2003).
Curcuma coerulea K. Schum. (1904).
Curcuma colorata Valeton (1918).
Curcuma comosa Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma coriacea Mangaly & M. Sabu (1988 publ. 1989).
Curcuma decipiens Dalzell (1850).
Curcuma domestica Valeton (1918), syn. Curcuma longa Linn.
Curcuma ecalcarata Sivar. & Balach. (1983).
Curcuma euchroma Valeton (1918).
Curcuma ecomata Craib (1912).
Curcuma elata Roxb. (1820).
Curcuma exigua N. Liu (1987).
Curcuma ferruginea Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma flaviflora S.Q. Tong (1986).
Curcuma glans K. Larsen & Mood (2001).
Curcuma gracillima Gagnep. (1903).
Curcuma grandiflora Wall. ex Baker (1892).
Curcuma haritha Mangaly & M. Sabu (1993).
Curcuma harmandii Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma heyneana Valeton & van Zijp (1917).
Curcuma inodora Blatt. (1930 publ. 1931).
Curcuma karnatakensis Amalraj (1991).
Curcuma kudagensis Velayudhan, V.S. Pillai & Amalraj (1990).
Curcuma kwangsiensis S.G. Lee & C.F. Liang (1977).
Curcuma lanceolata Ridley (1907).
Curcuma larsenii C. Maknoi & T. Jenjittikul (2006).
Curcuma latiflora Valeton (1913).
Curcuma latifolia Roscoe (1825).
Curcuma leucorrhiza Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma loerzingii Valeton (1918).
Curcuma longa L. (1753) : turmeric
Curcuma longa
Curcuma longispica Valeton (1918).
Curcuma malabarica Velayudhan, Amalraj & Muralidharan (1990).
Curcuma mangga Valeton & van Zijp (1917).
Curcuma meraukensis Valeton (1913).
Curcuma mutabilis Skornickova, M. Sabu & Prasanthkumar (2004).
Curcuma neilgherrensis Wight (1853).
Curcuma nilamburensis K.C. Velayudhan et al. (1994).
Curcuma oligantha Trimen (1885).
Curcuma ornata Wall. ex Baker (1890).
Curcuma parviflora Wall. (1830).
Curcuma parvula Gage (1905).
Curcuma peethapushpa Sasidh. & Sivar. (1988 publ. 1989).
Curcuma petiolata Roxb. (1820).
Curcuma phaeocaulis Valeton (1918).
Curcuma pierreana Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma plicata Wall. ex Baker (1890).
Curcuma porphyrotaenia Zipp. ex Span. (1841).
Curcuma prakasha S. Tripathi (2001 publ. 2002).
Curcuma pseudomontana J. Graham (1839).
Curcuma purpurascens Blume (1827).
Curcuma purpurea Blatt. (1930 publ. 1931).
Curcuma raktakanta Mangaly & M. Sabu (1988 publ. 1989).
Curcuma reclinata Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma rhabdota Sirirugsa & M.F. Newman (2000).
Curcuma rhomba Mood & K. Larsen (2001).
Curcuma roscoeana Wall. (1829).
Curcuma rubescens Roxb. (1810).
Curcuma rubrobracteata Skornickova, M. Sabu & Prasanthkumar (2003).
Curcuma sattayasaii A. Chaveerach & R. Sudmoon (2008)
Curcuma sichuanensis X.X. Chen (1984).
Curcuma singularis Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma sparganiifolia Gagnep. (1903).
Curcuma stenochila Gagnep. (1903).
Curcuma strobilifera Wall. ex Baker (1890).
Curcuma sulcata Haines (1923).
Curcuma sumatrana Miq. (1861).
Curcuma sylvatica Valeton (1918).
Curcuma thalakaveriensis Velayudhan et al. (1991).
Curcuma thorelii Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma trichosantha Gagnep. (1907).
Curcuma vamana M. Sabu & Mangaly (1987 publ. 1988).
Curcuma vellanikkarensis K.C. Velayudhan et al. (1994).
Curcuma wenyujin Y.H. Chen & C. Ling (1981).
Curcuma wenchowensis Y.H. Chen & C. Ling (1975).
Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. (1820) : temu lawak
Curcuma yunnanensis N. Liu & C. Senjen (1987).
Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Roscoe (1807) : zedoary
Curcuma zedoaroides A. Chaveerach & T. Tanee (2008).
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Curcuma aeruginosa
Curcuma sp.
Curcuma sp.
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