Kunming City Specifications Native Species Seedlings Price Surge

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Seedlings present on the market in Kunming, Yunnan, sufficient seedlings of native tree species, large size seedling shortage; part of the tight supply of small and medium size nursery stock markets, the price surge; while some species despite its low cost market is still being cold-shouldered, long-term buyers.

According to Kunming Panlong peaceful agricultural community Miao Xiao-Ming Li, currently M. yunnanensis, insignis, large fruit Manglietia, Yunnan, horse chestnut, Yunnan, maple, etc. Parakmeria Indigenous Species 2 cm in diameter is less seedlings sufficient, but more than 8 cm diameter seedlings are very short of large size. Yunnan cherry 6 cm diameter and 10 cm respectively, of Winter cherry selling price as high as 200 yuan and 500 yuan is still no vaccine market. Begonia about 5 cm diameter, 7 cm to 8 cm chapensis currently very popular in the market, selling price was 50 yuan, 300 yuan or so, before the recent clients have come from more than 10 seedlings. Liriodendron, etc., and outside the province of Yunnan native species Entering cedar, cypress, cypress, etc. Varieties Taber has been more than six months nobody cares. Shi Yulan flower nursery owner said: "The 10 cm diameter red maple selling price as high as 4000 yuan, still selling less than a seedling."

In Yiliang County reporter learned that last year about Myanmar and 7 cm diameter selling price at 150 yuan osmanthus, and has sold around 300 yuan, also very scarce supply. Pyracantha shrub for its evergreen tree species, adaptable, compact, dense foliage, fruit bright red, watch a long period, can do alone hedge planting landscape trees can be done, so the green market in recent years is favored, Pyracantha crown about 70 cm past years, selling 30 yuan to 40 yuan, has bought more than 70 yuan. Spring Garden Nursery in Yiliang County, the reporter saw more than 100 acres of nursery places in a variety of seedlings planted, and seedlings are very few large size, owner of Shu-Hua told reporters: "The main market is to large for more than 8 cm large size seedlings, but not any more than the number of nurseries. 8 cm Parakmeria about selling price of 1,000 yuan, 200 yuan 5 cm still can not even sell seedlings to. "

A nursery in Songming County, the reporter also saw a high of 1.7 meters insignis still cultivated in 20 cm diameter plastic nutrition bag, will become a nursery surrounded by dense green wall. As air and light conditions are poor, many thin seedlings were planted too close because of the death. Boss told reporters: "We cultivate nearly 500,000 seedlings of native tree species in Yunnan Province could not sell Chupu. Also, because land is limited and can not nurture these seedlings transplanted seedlings Cheng Kung University."

While in Kunming, Yunnan Province, have successively, estuaries, Fu Ning, Lu West, Kaiyuan, easy door, Wenshan established a number of other places to train Indigenous Species-based green seedling base. The province to Kunming as the center of the seedlings of native tree species in the breeding area and the number has increased substantially. But the present situation is more than seedlings, seedlings serious shortage of large size. In Kunming and Wenshan, only 1 to 3 years Parakmeria students have hundreds of plants, while more than 4 years but few large-sized seedlings. Yunnan Forestry Department only easy to door quality seedling breeding base, has fostered the Yunnan Park, Pyracantha, Cornus flowers, fragrant wood of native tree species such as Yunnan, more than 100 million trees, the fragrance of wood seedlings reached 450 000, Yunnan Pu 450 000 seedlings. In addition, as people awareness to protect the ecological environment, government, forestry department has introduced a series of policies, non-random dig mountain trees, it makes the trees blocked the source. From Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan Outside of the Province of camphor, cedar and other large size seedling has inconvenience and costs due to transportation constraints, there is little crown seedling tree species into the city of Kunming, the Yunnan Provincial Foreign Entry Although the price of large size trees are far lower than the native species in Yunnan, but the effect of green building, landscape or greatly reduced.

In the interview, reporter learned that, for large saplings in urban landscaping in the city in the short term to change the face of the landscape and improve the green effect, aim to achieve immediate greening. Thus, with the Kunming Urban Construction Landscape advance the implementation of a large area of green urban reconstruction and replacement of street trees and the rapid development of real estate, are for large nursery stock specifications created tremendous business opportunities, large format market crown of native tree species The surge in demand for cultivating a serious shortage of nursery production, supply and demand intensified conflicts, contributed to large-sized native tree species in Yunnan important reason for price increases.
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Kunming City Specifications Native Species Seedlings Price Surge

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This article was published on 2010/11/08