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Here is some information about wildlife squirrels you might don't know. The following are some tips to hlep you understand how to remove squirrel and keep them out of your place. 1. Squirrels have two breeding seasons, March and August. 2. There are three types of squirrels in Toronto. Black squirrels, red squirrels and chipmunks. 3. Squirrels are not afraid of people, they could even clamp on your legs. 4. Squirrels are good at making holes in your attic. 5. Squirrels are living high spaces, they always live on the trees or roofs. So removing all dead trees and trimming the branches of the tree are very important. Squirrel Removal Services.

Squirrels can be fun to watch, but you should be real concern if they have got in your attic. Remember: squirrel removal should be performed by a professional wildlife control specialist. The process is usually more complicated than just closing a hole. Don't risk leaving any unattended babies in the attic by contacting the professionals.

We work hard to minimize harm and stress upon the squirrels while maintaining our top priority, ridding our clients of their nuisance problems. Our humane removal approach means we never use lethal methods of control such as poison or killer traps. We use only humane methods such as one-way doors and live-catch cage traps to safely solve our client's problem following the rules and regulations of Ministry of Natural Resources.

Squirrels breed once or twice a year, and give birth to a varying number of young after three to six weeks, depending on species. The young are born naked, toothless, and blind. In most species of squirrel, only the female looks after the young, which are weaned at around six to ten weeks of age and become sexually mature at the end of their first year. Ground dwelling species are generally social animals, often living in well-developed colonies, but the tree-dwelling species are more solitary. If you live in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you have come across few squirrels. They have adapted to the urban lifestyle very well. There is enough food for them to not only survive but thrive. They often nest in people's attics, chimneys, Garages, and under decks. All potential entry places must be sealed to prevent future intrusions. GOT QUESTIONS? Visit our http://www.torontosquirrelremoval.com website or call 416-999-5059.

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Squirrel Removal Tips

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This article was published on 2011/09/21